This letter is my personal recommendation for Andrew Chalmers of Irrigation Systems Sydney. In my dealings with Andrew and Irrigation Systems Sydney, I have found them to be honest and professional, whilst providing a great all around service, specifically with work done designing and constructing my fully automatic irrigation system in Dural which covers three acres of lawns and gardens.

Additionally they have made themselves available with a quick response to any issues or questions I had post-sale. I would highly recommend Irrigation Systems Sydney for anyone looking to get their irrigation and pump work done”. May 10, 2013
Dr Karim Obaidi

“Andrew installed new and repaired existing pop-up and drip irrigation in our 700m2 of lawn and 1,100m2 of garden beds at our 12 floor 72 unit complex in Artarmon. I was very impressed with how thorough Andrew was with his work and he has, through clever integration of new equipment with existing controllers, drip lines, pop-up heads, solenoid valves etc, managed to produce a vastly more effective irrigation system that anything we have had in the past. And all this was delivered at the most competitive price of three quotes, on time and all with a smile and great courtesy from Andrew.

I should add that Andrew also provided extensive garden preparation services prior to revamping our irrigation and was also very helpful in advising me about landscaping opportunities at our complex. His years of experience including 6 years in the US just recently have clearly placed him a cut above your ordinary irrigation installer.

I unreservedly recommend Andrew Chalmers to anyone wanting an effective and professionally installed irrigation system. Ours was a reasonably big job but from discussions with Andrew and watching him go about his work I’m confident he can just as easily handle both larger and smaller projects than ours”. April 18, 2013
Greg Graham, Chairman Owners Corporation, Englefield Apartments

“Andrew’s dedication to and passion for water conservation is inspiring. His creativity, intuitive nature, and business acumen make him an ideal entrepreneur. If you haven’t reached out to work with Andrew, I would highly recommend that you do so; you and your company will benefit!”
Melanie Solmos, Strategy, Marketing and Sales Consultant, Verde

“Andrew is one of the most dedicated professionals, conservation efforts are now focused through his work at Kisss. Andrew is not only a well educated and highly motivated salesman but also is inspiring in his quest to provide efficient irrigation technologies. Proactive, intelligent, and passionate strategist adequately describes Andrew – a true asset to our industry and the environment.”
Judy Benson, President, Clear Water Products & Services, Inc. (Clear Water PSI)

“It was a great pleasure working with Andrew during my time at KISSS America. Andrew’s attention to detail about the product line he was selling and knowledge of the landscape and irrigation industry is second to none. Andrew is also an organized business professional that has a positive outlook on everything in life and he is a great asset to our industry.”
James Martin, Technical Manager, KISSS America, Inc.

“Andrew is a highly knowledgeable irrigation specialist who truly believes in water conservation. He is a results focussed professional who thinks outside the box, brings original solutions and is by most professional standards far ahead compared with most of his colleagues in the irrigation and water-conservation field. 
In short: Andrew is a great guy to work with who really brings tons of knowledge and added value to any project.”
Luc Limbourg Owner, Designer at Green Team Solutions

“Andrew is a very loyal hard worker who is always using his vast experience in the irrigation industry to help contractors, designers, and architects. Andrew’s knowledge of both topical and sub-surface irrigation systems make him indispensable to our company.”
Douglas Meek, Field Operations Manager, KISSS America, Inc